Inositol, 900mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules


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Inositol supports overall relaxation and helps maintain the proper metabolism of serotonin. It is used for nutritional support of brain health and hormonal health through its role in healthy liver function. It also is the best sleep-aid for some insomniacs who tend to be “low serotonin.”

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Inositol is one of the most versatile nutrients for promoting brain wellness, a positive and relaxed outlook, and restful sleep. It also is one of the most crucial nutrients for promoting female hormonal health through its role in supporting optimal liver function. Inositol also helps maintain healthy serotonin metabolism, and by so doing helps treat many conditions that involve poor serotonin function. Serotonin is optimized when this is combined with 5-HTP. Optimizing serotonin and dopamine levels is a well known method of treating depression naturally.

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 120

Sleep Maintenance:
Take 1-4 capsules 20 minutes prior to bedtime, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Serotonin Balance for Mood:
Take 1 capsule 3x a day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Liver Support:
Take 1 capsule twice day. Dose can be raised to help with sleep.

10 reviews for Inositol, 900mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. VanHelen

    This is one of the better sleep aid supplements I have ever used. I took it about an hour before I wanted to go to bed and I was asleep 30 minutes later. It is certainly good at its job. I would recommend it to any one looking for a good sleep aid

  2. Jency Mitchell

    Love it…my (adult) son does too. We love our peaceful sleep, and don’t feel groggy in the morning 🙂

  3. Ciria Lin

    I came across Inositol while searching for a natural sleep aid. Because it had a great combination of many of the ingredients I was looking for I gave it a try and I sure am happy I did. That was over two months ago and from the first day I used Inositol I’ve experienced a full and restful night’s sleep. I only take one and even when I wake up to use the bathroom, I am able to get back to sleep quickly. The best part…no groggy hangover feeling in the morning and my mood has improved dramatically for the better.

  4. Williams, RT

    My husband has a hard time sleeping through the night. Finally, decided we needed to something that would help him, other than prescription pills. Inositol has worked very well. He is usually reluctant at taking sleep aids, and natural products. This fit the bill just fine. He takes one-two pills and has gotten a great night’s rest without feeling groggy in the morning. He feels more relaxed and is very glad to have found this supplement. Thank you for a great product.

  5. Heidi Marmiski

    This has been great! Before taking this I would stay up til at least 3am. I even ordered this one late night when I couldn’t sleep I was so desperate, my family kept telling me I was always moody and I knew it was due to my lack of sleep. After several weeks of using it I feel much better. I don’t wake up groggy and more tired than when I went to sleep for once and I have much more energy. I find myself getting a full nights sleep and it has been great! I don’t know where I would be without it. Probably acting like a zombie like my old self. My family tells me now that they love the old me, they don’t have to wonder what mood I will be in when they wake up. Life is good!!!!

  6. Loni S

    I have a strange sleep schedule and issues falling asleep at night. My husband snores, I have problems getting comfortable and “turning off my brain”. This stuff knocks me out (in a good way). Within thirty minutes of taking it, I’m ready to go to sleep, which is unusual for me because I usually get a surge of energy right before bed time. The first night, I fell asleep within moments after getting into bed. It doesn’t leave me feeling hungover at all. Overall great product!

  7. Tom Nantuckett

    Very effective stuff! I take it at night for enhanced sleep! Sitopharma™ makes a fantastic product, and the price can’t be beat!

  8. Aria Yu

    This is a great product and a great thing to add to you night time supplements for sleep. I guess it is suppose to help you calm a little extra for better sleep, so far it has helped with me.

  9. Renuka V.

    This product works excellent with me! I travel a lot for work which messes with my slepping pattern. So, taking this after a long week of work helps me to catch up on my sleep properly and kind of reset my sleeping pattern! It leaves u with a very refreshed feel when u wake up too. The best part is it is totally not addicting!

  10. Paulina O’Conner

    I have used many of these supplements to help me sleep. I have a big problem every night when is time to go to bed and I just can’t. It is horrible! I got this product and I am very happy we the results. I like that to can take it for as long as you like, because it is natural and you will not get addicted to it. I take 2 capsules every night before bed and I feel more relaxed, I sleep all night and the best of all I wake up feeling rested. I recommend this product.

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