Musculoskeletal Formula M


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10ml (0.3 fl oz)
Moor Spa Aromatherapy system comprises 8 oil blends each consisting of up to 15 individual essential oils of the highest quality. The blends have been carefully and lovingly formulated by one of North America’s leading aromatherapy blenders to create a harmonious and supporting effect on specific mind/body systems. You can enhance the benefits of any Moor Spa treatment by incorporating an appropriate blend.

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Instructions For Use:
Shake the oil thoroughly before use. Use 3 to 6 drops for each treatment. The oil can be either blended in with Massage Lotion for healing massage or added to the herbal bath.

Basil Linalol
Black Spruce
Himalayan Cedar
Spanish Rosemary

1 review for Musculoskeletal Formula M

  1. Anna Marie

    Our first aromatherapy purchase and we like them a lot. It seems to bring relief for our sore muscles after the gym . I put just a few drops in my message lotion helps with our pains. Will purchase more in the future.

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