PaleoFiber™ Unflavored, 300g Powder


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PaleoFiber™ is the ultimate fiber product. It is a comprehensive product that contains 12 different types of fiber and none of the allergenic proteins or harsh, irritating components commonly found in other fiber products on the market. This product was designed with the features of the Paleolithic diet in mind, with which human physiology may be most adapted. PaleoFiber™ could be a useful tool to help support proper weight management, glucose levels, and lipid levels.

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This is an unflavored and unsweetened version of our popular PaleoFiber™ product. This PaleoFiber™ is ideal for adding to foods with the desire of increasing the overall daily fiber intake. Try adding one or more tablespoons of plain PaleoFiber™ to your soups, yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, and your blended shakes. PaleoFiber™ contains an ideal balance of soluble and insoluble fibers, with emphasis on soluble fiber, which is very hard to get from common diets. PaleoFiber™ is a combination of natural fibers derived from fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, and tree extracts with added friendly bacteria and prebiotics. This product was designed with the features of the Paleolithic diet in mind, with which human physiology is most adapted.

Members: See solutions handout for dosage information.
Non-Members: As a dietary supplement, take 5 grams (approx. 2 teaspoons) per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Consume extra water when taking PaleoFiber.

4 reviews for PaleoFiber™ Unflavored, 300g Powder

  1. Jan McAllen

    Inexpensive and it seems to really make a difference. Give this a try….easy to swallow. Compare to other similar products and you’ll find this to be superior in quality, I believe it has helped me with my fiber needs.

  2. Cora

    If, like me, you need additional fiber to help with digestion and to avoid constipation even when eating fiber-rich foods that seem to be “enough” for most people, I would suggest trying it.

  3. Harold Mushinton

    I’m happy with this product, I’ve used it before and it works for me. Now I’m a regular guy, he he…

  4. Joseph Keppler

    I have been taking this for a month now and have noticed a difference in my health.

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