Stress & Relaxation Formula S


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For stress and relaxation. 10ml (0.3 fl oz)
Moor Spa Aromatherapy system comprises 8 oil blends each consisting of up to 15 individual essential oils of the highest quality. The blends have been scientifically formulated by one of North America’s leading aromatherapy blenders to reduce cortisol levels associated with stress-symptoms.

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Instructions For Use:
With a simple assessment of your needs you can easily identify the best method of use to reduce their symptoms of stress. Shake the oil thoroughly before use. Use 3 to 6 drops for each treatment. The oil can be either blended in with Massage Lotion for a healing massage; added to a diffuser or simply kept by your side for a “sniffy in a jiffy” to relieve stress and anxiety. Note that reducing stress reduces the pain of arthritis. It also does a host of good things for the body including better weight management, better sleep, immune function, brain health and a more perfect GI function as well.

Clove Bud
Himalayan Cedar
Roman Chamomile
Jasmine Sambac
Highland Lavender
Sweet Orange
Rose Absolute
Ylang Ylang

3 reviews for Stress & Relaxation Formula S

  1. Linda Foster

    Oh my goodness does this product work well. It smells good and it works well to relax the mind so you can sleep. I also use it when I am having a stressful day at work, I will add a few drops to my lotion I have at my desk. Helps the stress levels to go down a few notches. I recommend this to everyone.

  2. Viola Nichols

    I am about halfway through the bottle and notice a difference when I take it and when I don’t. It is especially nice to have on hand before company comes over and other situations that can bring on a little extra stress. Also helps me have a restful sleep .

  3. Stacey Martin

    I am in love with Formula S. I find it helpful in relieving anxiety, as it has a calming effect. Leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and helps me feel more relaxed after I get out of my bath. I am pleased with ease of ordering and the company’s timely and careful shipping. Everyone should know about this great product.

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