Ultimate Body Detox Extra Strength, 4oz


Each spray is 4oz. Ultimate Body Detox Kit includes:

  • Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200® Extra Strength, 4oz
  • Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ) nano® Extra Strength, 4oz
  • ACG Glutathione® Extra Strength, 4oz

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Unparalleled immune system support, detoxification, and rejuvenation with three powerful products.

foods to speed up metabolism Broad-Spectrum
ACS 200 Extra Strength achieves 99.9999% (complete) kill against Borrelia burgdorferi, Candida albicans and MRSA as proven via independently derived in vitro, benchmark kill-time studies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee ACS 200 Extra Strength to be the most effective medical-use silver you have ever used.

Real Results
“I am absolutely thrilled with the results I personally received while using ACS 200 Extra Strength.” ~Dr. Loomis

ACS 200 Extra Strength has been proven extremely safe in independent acute oral toxicity studies.

foods that give you energyComprehensive Toxin Reduction
ACZ nano Extra Strength effectively eliminates body burden of toxic heavy metals, neurotoxins and free radicals. This includes all pesticides including dioxin and PCB’s now being used in fish farming practices. It’s a way to detox your body safely and thoroughly so you needn’t worry about incidental exposures.

Maximum Toxin Uptake
ACZ nano Extra Strength has been shown to increase urinary output of Mercury by up to 55,300% over baseline during only 12 hours of post-provocation urine collection.

Nano Technology
ACZ nano Extra Strength employs nano size and a significantly greater number of zeolite crystals per dose than other zeolite products, providing far greater surface area and superior results. Although not touted as one of our metabolism boosting supplements, doing a good detox will help increase metabolic rate.

Remarkable Efficacy
ACG Glutathione® Extra Strength is an intra-oral spray GSH that tastes great and has been proven by an independent clinical research firm to effectively increase intracellular levels of GSH by over 10% in only 7 hours. People taking this spray report that they have more energy within 2-3 days of starting it.

The Leading Glutathione
“Extensive research confirms that supplementation of Glutathione is a crucial requirement for superior health, effective treatment and prevention of disease. Advanced Cellular Glutathione now makes oral supplementing possible.” – Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD

To clear all toxins:
10 Sprays of each 2x Daily for 2 Months
5 Sprays of each 2x Daily


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